Charlotte is a 30-year-old interior designer. She has just been hired in an agency, looking forward to her professional future, while her relatives keep asking when she’ll finally think of becoming a mother. Without meaning any harm, and in order to escape the family pressure, a first lie leads to another one, and Charlotte gets locked in a downward spiral with no escape but pretending she has fertility issues…

Original title: Et toi, c'est pour quand ?

Genre : TV Fiction

Directors : Caroline du Potet et Eric du Potet

Casting : Blandine Bellavoir, Kevin Garnichat, Alysson Paradis, Camille Aguilar, Denise Chalem, Farida Rahouadj, Elga Gnaly, Amaury de Crayencour

Production : En Compagnie des Lamas

Broadcaster : France Télévisions

Diffusion : France 3 - 27/12/2022 at 9:10 p.m